Saturday, June 26, 2010

Asshole indecision

There's just something about these guys that seems like an asshole with legs. And they're assholes for congregating in my ceiling corners.

Since they eat other bugs and are totally harmless, I've left them alone, but they're damn hard to ignore when they keep having parties every night and inviting all their friends.

I tried batting them down with a broom, but they just disperse and climb back up, doing a little squatty dance like they're laughing at my attempts. "Ha! Is that all ya got? You are so outnumbered!"

Sure, I have a flyswatter, but hate to kill anything that's not hurting me. So now I'm undecided. Live and let live, or pull out the heavy artillery: the You-Will-Die-A-Tortured-Death Vacuum Cleaner.

Life in the country isn't always pretty.

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