Monday, June 28, 2010

A new view

I needed to change my perspective, so I changed my view.
From my desk, I can see the edge of the barn, part of the pasture, and now this new addition:
So far, two hummingbirds have found this giant glass flower, but they spend more time chasing each other away than actually feeding from it.

Meanwhile, my perspective has shifted to getting over a cold and choosing a new direction for work. It's not unlike wandering the trails out in the pasture. Do I take the familiar, well-worn path the horses travel daily, or one of the faint, unclear ones formed by the careful quiet movements of the deer?

Thanks and hugs to my horsey pal Sharon Murphey who 
gave me the unusual and decorative hummingbird feeder. 


Andy said...

I love it! What a great added view and new perspective.

Freelance Freeman said...

Yes, it really has been given me a new view and perspective. Thank you for the idea.