Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dog day afternoon

It hit 100 degrees today.  

I know there are lots of dogs in pens without water or shade, but this is the one I encountered on my Sunday bike ride:

No one was home.  Both buckets in his pen were bone dry. 

There was a hose nearby, but it was sretched far away, set up to water a tree they'd  planted, NOT where it might shade the poor dog, but way out front in their front yard. 

So I dragged the garden hose from the tree to the dog pen and filled a water bucket. 
The dog was incredibly thirsty, yet so grateful, he licked my hand before drinking. 
Then he stood in the water and drank for about 5 minutes, 
stopping only long enough to pant...

...catch his breath and start again. In between, he'd put his nose by the gate, 
politely asking to be let out. Water, freedom, shade. I don't know which he wanted most.

I hope the owners come home and are embarrassed to see that someone else had to 
give their dog water. It just kills me when people have acres of yard yet spend more money in landscaping than it would cost to put up a fence and give their dog a decent life.

My guess is that they were out enjoying the neighborhood pool 
while their dog sat roasting in the 100-degree August sun.


Breathe said...

Sounds like you are that dogs guardian angel. I'd make it a frequent stop and if you see it without water again, call animal control.

So many people get a dog and then forget about it.

Wolfie said...

I hate it when animals are neglected. Grrrr! I am with Breathe....if you see that he is without water again, call animal control.

Elise said...

This is unforgiveable! Animal control will do something if there isn't some form of shelter provided and water. I truly don't understand people that can do this.