Wednesday, September 29, 2010

goodbye, sweet summer

At the risk of sounding prematurely nostalgic, 
I want to share a favorite view along my bike route. 

I love the contrast of the sharp stones with the lush lowland pasture beyond. Today, the cloud line seemed a perfect juxtaposition to the gray stone wall. 
This is huge part of why I moved here: long horizontal views of expansive green open spaces--all just a short bike ride away.

I'll miss these stunning sunny days and brilliant green grasses. Yes, it's nice to have a break from the heat, but for me, summer is the sweetest season.


Wolfie said...

Beautiful. Yes, you will miss the sunny days and the green grasses. But, don't worry....they will be back next year for you to enjoy. :-)

Malcolm Harris said...

Magnificent photography and commentary, Kimberley! The collective web site is the best exposition of the Texas Hill Country I've ever seen. Malcolm Harris