Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Texas coyote on the run

This handsome coyote went running across the pasture after a scuffle with the two dogs next door this evening. 

It's the first coyote I've seen since I've lived here; he was probably after the jackrabbits in the front pasture. 

I'll be locking the gate at night to keep Mister Purr safe from now on. With all due respect to Charlie and Shreve, bad coyote! Stay away from my poor little cat.


Diana said...

Neat picture Kim. I saw two big ones on our driveway once, and four in a row,standing back by the barn.They were nearly invisible on the rocks.

Wolfie said...

I LOVE coyotes. I get up on my soapbox every chance I get to tell people how important it is to have them around. But, they are opportunistic so you are smart to keep kitty safe. :-)

Margie said...

I have never seen such wildlife!
Lucky you to have such a view. I lived in a cities all my life. Now in Tampa before in St.Pete Fl. I get excited to see a "real live" squirrel outside my window now and then. What amazing things others have to contemplate!!!