Monday, December 26, 2011

New blooms

It's been a long year since I posted here: nothing seemed significant after losing Mister Purr on this day last year.  

These winter blooms are on the jade plant my godmother, Bege Clark, gave me when I moved to Texas. 

Six years ago, I flew from Atlanta to Texas in the backseat of a single engine plane, bringing only Mister Purr, one suitcase, and this jade plant. 

Since then, the jade has tripled in size and made several moves with me. But it's never bloomed. This year, it sat on the porch overlooking Purr's garden grave all summer. I brought it in when the weather turned cold. And it bloomed--profusely.

Maybe it's a reminder from Mister Purr (the blooms do remind me of his fuzzy white chin). This plant--which sat by his side all year--is now showing me the potential for blossoming into new life in the dead of winter.


Wolfie said...

Nice to hear from you. I didn't even know that Jade plants bloomed! I think Mister Purr is sending you a loving message through those lovely flowers.

Freelance Freeman said...

I didn't know they bloomed either until this one did! Thank you for staying in touch and your kind comment. It's touching to have another nice message in addition to Purr's.