Sunday, November 11, 2012

Old horse, new tricks

Last month, I was chosen as a finalist in the World Equine Clicker Games. Red Rabbit was not impressed, but I was pretty honored and excited to place among the Top Five Clicker Trainers in the world.

Here's a link to my new "Clicker Training Tips" book ($4.99 on Amazon) and a video from the competition.

From the "Horse Clicker Training" book:

Clicker training will strengthen your bond with your horse while opening the floodgates for equine learning. 

Using a clicker as a communication tool eliminates pushy and nippy behavior, improves your horse's attitude, socialibility and general horse manners around the barn--and in the saddle. Watch as your horse becomes your vet and  farrier's favorite and begins preferring your company over other horses.

This fun guide simplifies the jargon and science of operant conditioning down to easy-to-follow steps and tips for the ABCs of horse clicker training.

Get started on a conversation--and better relationship--with your horse today.

Kindle version $4.99 at:


Wolfie said...

You have been busy! Congratulations on being a finalist for the Clicker Games! Quite an accomplishment. And, congratulations on your new book! I loved the video. What a great way to exercise an aging horse (who looks fabulous, btw!) without putting stress on joints.

Eric said...


Kimberley Freeman said...

Thank you for the comments and taking time to watch the vid. It's nice to be posting again, but even better to be read and commented.