Saturday, July 10, 2010

The joys of running water

Every morning, Purr follows me out to feed the horses and waits patiently for me to turn on the hose.

The horses probably think it's odd, but they allow him to finish before they take their drink.

July 14th will be my 14th anniversary with Mister Purr. He's been a loyal, loving and forgiving companion--more like a dog than a cat in many ways--and I love him dearly.

I'm trying to manage his hyperthyroid condition, and he's been such a trooper.


very_inky_fingers said...

Mr. Purr is just so sweet! I love the video of him drinking from the hose. Soemwhere in my childhood I am sure I had a cat who would follow my mother around in the garden as she watered.

I am a quiet member of the Hyper-T group. saw your thirsty cat post and thought I would mention diabetes. My angel cat Bill went from Hyper T to diabetes and then finally to CRF before we lost him a couple years ago. He was 19!

Maybe you could find someone with a diabetes meter and check him... Just a quick ear prick. It is not as good as a vet check but could give you an idea of his levels.
Nice to meet you and your MissBooey says hello too!

Mel said...

Julia says, "It's so funny that it made me giggle."
Mel says, "Perfect accompaniment of music to go with perfect, fabulous Mister Purr."
Adorable!! We want lots more Mr. Purr videos!!