Friday, July 16, 2010

Prehistoric visitors

I usually glace at the Sunset Tree when I go out, and today, it had a new surprise for me.

Talk about camouflage: at first, all you see is tree, right? The only reason I spotted this handsome guy is that he was silhouetted against the sky when I walked onto my side porch.

These Texas Spiny Lizards are plentiful right now and maybe too large (nearly a foot long) even for our resident road runner to catch and eat. Or maybe not--and that's why they're up in the trees watching the ground.


Breathe said...

Guess what I saw today - two lizards, getting it on. At first they looked like they were fighting. Or as if one was a snake, squishing a lizard. Then we realized they were all... kauma sutra! LOL

Kimberley Freeman said...

Wow--how funny. Tantra sex lizards! I wish Were they embarrassed to be caught in the act? I guess lizards don't embarrass easily.