Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hanging in there

Sure, it's pretty, but where's the fruit?

We've had so much rain lately, you'd think my tomato plant would be happily doing its job of making delicious organic tomatoes, but so far, all it's made are tiny yellow flowers.

Has anyone had any success with the topsey-turvey tomato contraptions? I was tempted to buy one, but the package design and planter graphics are atrocious.

So for three months now, my little tomato plants have been languishing in the sun and breezes, happy and healthy, but not producing much. Sort of like me.

At least the rabbits and deer can't reach them. 

1 comment:

Wolfie said...

It takes a while for tomatoes to mature. Having little yellow flowers is a good thing! They will turn into fruit. Where I am, it takes all summer for the fruit to mature.....the lovely fruit is usually ready at the end of August. Don't know much about topsy turvey, but the plant looks OK the way it is.