Saturday, July 17, 2010

Serendipitous tomatoes

On my morning bike ride, I stopped to visit the palomino pony and his owners happened to be out in the yard.
They tell me his name is Biscuit and he loves snacking on tomatoes and figs. Peg and Gary invited me in for a cool glass of water, and shared these lovely home-grown tomatoes from their garden with me.
As soon as I post this, I'll try one. Thank you, Peg and Gary. And Biscuit for letting me out the gate with the bag intact.


Virginia Goszewska said...

I love your pictures and posts - they immediately transport me to SEE and FEEL what my eyes and senses sometimes miss.

Freelance Freeman said...

Thank you, Virginia. That is so nice to hear. I'm glad they can transport you that way. It's wonderful to be able to share these events with you and the world.

GS3 said...

My grandmother Ruby or Mama Ruby had a fig tree at the corner of the little two bedroom brick ranch where I was raised. Not only did I pick it clean of any fruit way before my poor grandmother had a chance to harvest but I was notorious for abusing the tree in general. For some reason I loved grabbing at the limbs as I flew past on my bike. Tomatoes were the specialty of my grandmother on the other side of the family. To this day I would rather eat one of my Nanny's tomatoes than the finest steak from Ruth Chris.