Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Comments anyone?

I haven't been getting any comments lately, and wonder why. 

Are the posts getting too boring? I feel like I'm just talking to myself lately. 

So today I'm taking it easy with a simple picture. I found this Walking Stick (Phasmatodea) on my wall before I put up the screens. When I learned they only eat leaves and not Daddy Longlegs (Harvestmen) he got transported outside where he can enjoy his vegetarian lifestyle.

BTW: Here's advice on how to comment for non-Google mail subscribers:
1. Click on "comment" at the bottom of a post and type a message into the comment box.
2. Click on "name/URL" underneath and just type in your name. 
3. Then click "publish your comment." Easy!


Wolfie said...

Glad that you "catch and release"!! Your posts are not boring! I enjoy their simplicity. Keep it up!

Andy said...

I look forward to and enjoy your uplifting posts.

GS3 said...

Wow, this thing looks like an alien from another planet. It is so hard for me to believe that I share space with such unusual beings.