Saturday, July 24, 2010


This morning, I found a surprise in my watering can. A frog had decided to get in there and set up camp. He looked quite happy, so I let him stay.

Although I'd like to see his exit strategy, he may be planning to hang out for a while.
He said something about signing a 6-hour lease.


Wolfie said...

Looks like a common toad to me, not a frog. Ever lucky! They are great hunters and will keep pesky insect populations down in your garden. I have placed broken terra cota flower pots in my garden as toad homes to keep them in the shade during the day.

Freelance Freeman said...

A common toad, huh? That's what I feel like today--only without the cool water hole in the shade..

Thanks for the advice--and as always, the comments. Much appreciated.