Monday, July 12, 2010

Through a horse's ears

My bareback strolls on Red Rabbit are a nothing like the stunning beauty and grace of a Stacy Westfall ride, but I sure do enjoy them. 

This is one of our early Passenger Lesson outings. I'm videotaping, so the lead rope is laying on Red's neck. He's exploring the area around the house and pool (good thing he waited until the end to poop).

I'd love to have a hands-free helmet cam like this one to record my daily adventures, bike rides or even an exhilarating gallop on Red.

If anyone feels generous enough to donate one to the cause of making this blog WAY more interesting, I'll add a Paypal button to the right, just in case. I'd be forever grateful--and even show you how I taught Red to play the piano.

Meanwhile, I'll post more interesting footage as it develops. Red should be ready for his first piano recital pretty soon.

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